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The Family @ First Baptist Church is committed to becoming a church that Loves God by Loving People! Our desire is that every soul that God places beneath the wings of our ministry find God’s love and become all He intended them to be through life in our community. If you are looking for a place to plug in and become all God intended, join us on the journey. In fact, consider this an invitation to come and be a part of what God is doing in our family. 
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First Baptist Church Sayre

The Great I Am
Come and join us as we study the "The Great I Am." From April 20th through July 6th we will be studying the "I Am" statements of Jesus. All of the "I Am" statements are taken from the book of John. John records 7 statements of Christ where He declares Himself to be I AM. With these statements Jesus is making it known that He and God the Father are one! He is God!

The book of John was written by the apostle John. John and James, his older brother (Ac 12:2) were known as “the sons of Zebedee” (Mt 10:2-4) and Jesus gave them the name “Sons of Thunder” (Mk 3:17). John was an apostle (Lk 6:12-16) and one of the 3 most intimate associates of Jesus, being an eyewitness to and participant in Jesus’ earthly ministry (1 Jn 1:1-4). After Christ’s ascension, John became a pillar in the Jerusalem church (Gal 2:9). 

The word that John shared in his Gospel can forever CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

 Did you know that Celebrate Recovery
now meets at First Baptist Church twice a week? 
 Thursday evenings at 6:30
in our Church Parlor
Sunday Evenings at 6:00
in Room 100 
Do you have a Hurt? Habit? or Hangup?
This just might be the place for you!

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